Word searches, Matchups, Guess Whos, Fill-in-the Blanks, Q & A Quizzes, and crazy Bible trivia that you never knew. What kind of Bible trivia? Factoids like these: - People used to lay the sick in the streets so that Peter's shadow could heal them as he walked by (Acts 5:15) - Before a girl could be presented to King Xerxes, she had to put up with 12 months of beauty treatments (Ester 2:12) - One time, the people in the synagogue in Nazareth were so disgusted with Jesus that they tried to throw Him off a cliff (Luke 4:29) - Jephthah and the Gileadites guarded a spot of land by asking the Ephraimites to say "Shibboleth". They were killed if they couldn't say it correctly. (Judges 12:5-6) - Abraham was 100 years old when his son Isaac was born (Genesis 21:5) If you love the Bible - and want to know more about it - Fun Facts About the Bible makes perfect reading. Or you can use it for family fun nights, youth group meetings, Sunday school classes, or Bible studies. (252 pages) Limited Supply Items are offered on a first come, first serve basis. There is no guarantee that the item is still in stock when you place your order. You will be contacted if it is out of stock.